Mapper: Doug Berling
Course Setter: John Crowther

This course consists of 40 checkpoints verified by clues (e.g. "number on utility box", "year on plaque", etc.).

Visit the controls in any order in a "Score-O" format (can you visit all checkpoints in one hour or less? what's the most efficient route?).

OR, draw your own sequence of checkpoints as a point-to-point course.

Note that there aren't any control / checkpoint markers on this course; you will verify your location by answering the questions on the clue sheet.

attn Caveats from the course setter:  #41 (porta-potty) may be removed or relocated. At #68, the flower pots may be rearranged. The area northwest of #70 is for sale, so it may not be crossable in the (distant) future.

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