[x] Bob Ellis, President
[x] Doug Berling, Vice-President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Treasurer
[x] B. Brooke Mann, Secretary

[x] Tom Bagby
[x] Graham Baird
[x] Kris Beecroft
[x] Troy Bozarth
[x] Kathleen Brennan
[x] Brian Coleman
[x] Sharon Crawford
[x] Galen Moore
[x] Craig Murray
[x] Chris Ray
[x] Michael Rounds
[x] Cindy Shellito
[x] Amy Varble
[x] Dmitriy Zamoshchin
[x] Yelena Zamoshchina
[x] Christoph Zurcher

1.	RMOC President Bob Ellis welcomed everyone and called the annual meeting to
	order at 1:13 pm.

2.	President's Report from Bob Ellis:

	- We had a good year overall; many thanks to all the volunteers throughout
	the year.

	- We had 20 local meets and three CSOL meets in 2013, all with e-punching.

	- Tom Bagby organized a great new Zombie orienteering event at Peaceful
	Valley Scout Ranch, with help from several RMOC members.

	- Alex Thomas has handed off the String-O kit to Amy Varble.

	- Bob taught four "Sport of Orienteering" workshops at local REI stores
	this year.

	- We need volunteer Course Setters and Meet Directors for 2014.

	- RMOC will be hosting the 2014 US Classic Championships & Trail-O
	Championships in early August, in conjunction with LROC Laramie Daze and
	the OUSA Convention.

3.	Vice-President's Report from Doug Berling:

	- Permits are a year-round job, considering the significant lead time and
	follow-up reports that are required.

		* US Forest Service permits always require adequate parking and
		portable toilets (extra expense).

		* Permit fees for USFS and Peaceful Valley are based on participation.

		* We have a new contact in Frisco, but most of Doug's other permit
		contacts are consistent year to year, which is helpful.

		* At Bear Creek Lake Park, the ranger wants our courses to avoid
		sensitive areas.

	- Our Fox Run map didn't suffer an damage from the Black Forest fire.

	- Out Chatfield maps may eventually be under water, if the reservoir's
	capacity is expanded (water level will increase by 12 feet).  [Details]

4.	Treasurer's Report from Sverre Froyen:

	- Sverre distributed detailed reports for individual meets and overall
	income and expenses.  (Contact Sverre if you'd like a copy of the report.)

	- We have some big expenses coming up in 2014:

		* OUSA insurance (based on total starts in 2013).

		* Permit fees.

		* Mapping projects.

		* A-Meet.

	- Sverre used some new categories in the report, which should make it
	easier to interpret.

		* Gifts and grants = donations at CU-Boulder meet.

		* Map sales = Palmer Park maps sold to CU-Colorado Springs.

		* Grants paid = BSA portion of Zombie meet proceeds.

		* Professional fees = mapping (Plamen Djambazov, Mikell Platt).

	- Other significant expenses in 2013 included a tablet PC for mapping, new
	OCAD software licenses, and CSOL awards.

	- We had less meet income in 2013, since we didn't host an A-Meet.

5.	Secretary's Report from Brooke Mann:

	- Brooke presented summaries of our membership trends, 2013 meet
	attendance, website changes, and 2014 plans (year-long waiver, A-Meet
	website, and automatic queries for e-punch import files and start cards).

	- Marketing plans for 2014:  Ski-O posters, social media posts (Facebook),
	tri-fold brochures, handout card, and 11x17 posters.

	- Someone suggested that we do more marketing to area Boy Scout councils
	and JROTC / ROTC programs.  (Christoph reported that he and Leif did
	contact some local ROTC program this year, but didn't get any response.)

6.  USAFA Team Report from Christoph Zurcher:

	- In 2012, had 1-2 cadets; in 2013, there were 3-5 cadets interested in the

		* Had a table at USAFA "club day".

		* Onsite practices, led by cadets.

		* Casey (cadet) set up a permanent course.

		* 8-10 training sessions scheduled by Christoph.

	- Goal:  send a team to the 2014 Interscholastic / Intercollegiate

		* Team is currently unsanctioned, and therefore they don't have a
		travel budget.

	- Dmitriy asked if we can use the USAFA maps.  No, because access to the
	mapped area is restricted.

7.  Elections:

	- Bob Ellis was re-elected as President, with the understanding that he
	will only serve the first year of his two-year term; Kris Beecroft is
	willing to take over the second year of Bob's term after her 2014 A-Meet
	Director duties are over.

	- Sverre Froyen was re-elected to a two-year term as Treasurer.

8.	Mapping Update:

	- Kris Beecroft gave an overview of the status of current mapping projects.

9.  2014 A-Meet Update:

	- Kris Beecroft gave an overview of our plans.

	- We discussed date and time changes for the Trail-O, to coordinate with
	OUSA's annual meeting and the dinner.  Kris and Sharon Crawford will
	discuss further.

10.  Parker Permanent Course:

	- Chris Ray gave an update about his plan to create a permanent
	orienteering course in Parker.  There are 18 miles of trails (Cherry Creek)
	and side-trails.

		* The town would like to have more activities that appeal to seniors
		and youths.

		* Chris has a town contact for GIS data.

		* Cherry Creek corridor concerns:  wetlands, jumping mouse, two
		counties / three towns (boundary issues).

		* A connector trail is planned for the Reuter-Hess reservoir.

		* Chris will continue to work with his town contacts.

		* Brian Coleman said he's willing to help facilitate digital data
		acquisition / conversion.

11.  2014 Schedule:

	- We talked about considerations for the 2014 schedule.  We'll only have
	one meet in July, to allow time for final A-Meet prep work.

12.  ARDF:

	- Brian Coleman has five transmitters and a DIY antenna for $10.

13.  Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

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