2016 Rocky Mountain Orienteering Festival

  • June 29 - July 1: Laramie Daze
  • July 2 - July 4: National Event Classic Days


[x] Kris Beecroft
[x] John Crowther
[x] Sverre Froyen
[x] B. Brooke Mann
[x] Mikell Platt

A.  Volunteers

 - Meet Director:  Mikell Platt (Laramie Daze) & Kris Beecroft (national event days)
 - Registrar:  Sverre Froyen
 - E-Punch Chief:  John Crowther
 - E-Punch Assistant:  Chris Silva (and possibly others, after this weekend's e-punch clinic)
 - Course Setters:  Mikell Platt -- Laramie Daze
                    Graham Baird -- Classic Day 1 @ Twin Boulders
                    Dave Pruden (QOC) -- Classic Day 2 @ Remarkable Flats
                    Joel Swisher -- Classic Day 3 @ Diamond Bay
 - Vetters:  Neal Barlow, Sheryl Lehman (only available until mid-May and at event),
   and Jim Baker; Mikell has inquiries out to three other potential vetters, and he can
   also assist setters & vetters as needed.
 - Meet Equipment:  Doug Berling? (Kris will ask.)
 - Start Chief:  Sharon Crawford or Dennis Carney?  (Kris will ask.)
 - Webmaster:  Brooke Mann and Chris Ray? (Brooke will ask.)

B.  E-Punch

 - RMOC has 50 e-punch units on hand; OUSA has 75 e-punch units available to rent; 
   Randy Nielson has ~20 e-punch units that we can probably borrow.

 - Can we rent more from other clubs?  John will investigate this (GAOC, BAOC, and
   Randy Nielson).

 - Otherwise, reuse Day 1 controls on Day 3, and/or reuse the same White controls
   on all three days.

 - We're up-to-date with our OE2010 e-punch software.

 - John would like to have a video display for results; he'll check into the hardware
   & software requirements.

C.  Registration & Extras

 - We agreed to have a combined registration process for both Laramie Daze and the
   national event.

 - Sverre will check into OUSA's EventRegister system (login, set-up. etc.).

 - Mikell will send out details for the Laramie Daze pricing & course descriptions.

 - National event pricing is TBD; Kris will draft a proposal and send it out to us for
   feedback.  Sverre suggested that we don't really need an "early" option, based on
   other recent national event trends (just regular & late options); we agreed.

 - Dinner:  Nice to have, but only if someone like Kathleen Brennan agrees to
   organize it.  Kris will ask Kathleen.

 - T-Shirts:  We'd like a lightweight, technical fabric.  Kris has had preliminary
   discussions with Jason Poole (graphic designer).

 - Preview Maps:

     . Required for a national event?

     . We decided to post downloadable map files online for free for the national
       event days (only for the map areas that have been used before).  Mikell
       will send PDF or JPEG files to Brooke for the website.

     . We'll also offer preview maps for the Laramie Daze days, for $4 each including
       postage.  Mikell will send out a list of the maps that will be available for

D.  General Discussion

 - Mikell will send out course / map guidelines to the Course Setters.

 - Model Event:  Only required for championships.

 - Western States Championships:  Sergey Velichko has asked if we're willing to host
   this; we agreed.  This will require:

     . eligibility rules posted on website;
     . an eligibility checkbox in the registration system;
     . an eligibility flag field exported in the e-punch files for John; and
     . awards.

 - Updates from Glen Schorr (OUSA Executive Director):

     . An OUSA Board Meeting will take place during our event.

     . Hilton is OUSA's new hotel sponsor / partner.  Glen is working to reserving a
       block of rooms at the Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn in Laramie.

 - Map Printing:  Hanson Brothers?  That's who Doug likes to use.

 - Awards:

     . We'll need overall three-day awards for the national event (1st, 2nd & 3rd place),
   and also for the Western States Championship (just 1st place?  Kris will confirm).

     . Awards will be based on three-day total time (Saturday-Sunday-Monday).

 - Training Events:  Jim Baker has offered to set training courses during the Laramie Daze
   days.  In previous years, Mikell has not seen not much uptake for training courses after
   each day's regular course.  Also, if we collect money for it, we can only use the areas
   we're already permitted for.  Jim will take the lead on this if he decides to pursue it,
   based on interest level (he has solicited feedback on Attackpoint).

 - Website:  Goal is to have basic details up by 2/5/2016 (or 2/12/2016 at the latest),
   prior to publication of our ONA ad.  Kris can assist with the website, if needed.

 - Meetings:  We agreed to meet monthly.

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