2016 Rocky Mountain Orienteering Festival

  • June 29 - July 1: Laramie Daze
  • July 2 - July 4: National Event Classic Days


[X] Kris Beecroft
[X] Doug Berling
[X] Kathleen Brennan
[X] Dennis Carney
[X] John Crowther
[X] Sverre Froyen
[X] B. Brooke Mann
[X] Mikell Platt

A. E-Punch Updates from John Crowther (via email)

  • We can borrow 20 e-punch controls from Randy Nielsen. We can get them from him at the CSOL Peaceful Valley event in June (which John won’t be able to attend, so someone else will need to get them).
  • The most important thing John needs to know (when available) is a rough count of the number of controls needed for each day.
  • RMOC owns 50 controls.

B.  Other Topics

Registration: Sverre is working with Ed Despardes to configure the EventRegister details for our meet.  Sverre needs t-shirt details; Kris will ask Amy.

Event Fees: Kris will add a late registration option.  Late registration will kick in two weeks prior to the meet; registration will be cut off altogether five days prior to the meet; no day-of registrations will be allowed.

Recreational Courses: We agreed not to offer recreational courses.

Dinner: Kathleen has agreed to organize a dinner, but she hasn't had luck yet finding a venue (train depot is booked solid).  She has one or two more venues to check.  Sverre will need dinner details for the EventRegister configuration.

Website: The website is as up-to-date as it can be, given the current information & details we have on hand.


  • Dennis Carney has agreed to be the Start Coordinator.  Yay!
  • Don Davis has been assigned as our OUSA Course Consultant.

Laramie Daze:  Mikell may change Day 1 from Yellow Pine to Moose Outlet; waiting for USFS approval.  Can't do much more for course planning until snow melts.

Meet Equipment:  Doug reports that we're pretty much all set for meet equipment.  A few control stands need to be repaired.

Map Cases:  Mikell has LOTS of 4 mil map cases (new OUSA requirement is 4 mil), so we most likely do not need to buy any.  Doug will inventory the maps cases in RMOC's storage unit.

Porta-Potties:  Mikell will arrange porta-potties for the whole event (Laramie Daze and National Event).

Start Location:  The start locations each day need to be accessible / driveable for equipment transport.

Finish / Assembly Locations:  Mikell will suggest locations to the course setters.

Focus for Next Call:  E-punch, results display (power requirements?), radio control(s).


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