2016 Rocky Mountain Orienteering Festival

  • June 29 - July 1: Laramie Daze
  • July 2 - July 4: National Event Classic Days
RMOF Planning Meeting
6/14/2016 — 8:00 pm - 9:45 pm
Kris Beecroft
Doug Berling
Kathleen Brennan
John Crowther
Sverre Froyen
Brooke Mann
Mikell Platt
Amy Winston
A.  Dinner:
    * Sverre reported on the current total number of registrations and the meat/veggie breakdown for the dinner.  Kathleen reported that dinner orders can continue through the final registration deadline on 6/24.
    * Sverre will send Kathleen a list of dinner attendees (with ph# and email address), so she can recruit helpers to set up for the dinner.  (Kathleen is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow!)
B.  T-Shirts:
    * We have 47 t-shirt orders so far.
    * Sverre will send Amy the size breakdown just after noon on 6/15.  Also, Kris will add in some extras for volunteer t-shirts (cross-referencing against volunteers who have already ordered t-shirts).  The vendor's hard deadline for getting our order in is 5pm on 6/15.
    * Sverre will cut off t-shirt orders at noon on 6/15; Brooke will post a reminder about this early t-shirt order deadline (via email, Attackpoint & Facebook).
    * Amy will put the t-shirt order on her credit card, and then Sverre will reimburse her.
C.  Start Times:
    * Sverre proposed a two-minute start interval and four open slots per hour.  We agreed.
D.  Meet Notes:
    * We will tell people to print their own information from the web site.  Sverre will send an email about this to all registered attendees (Kris will send Sverre a reminder email about doing this).
E.  Registration / Packets:
    * Bibs:  Doug put 200 bibs (#1-#200) on a shelf in the storage unit; Sverre will pick them up.
    * Dinner Tickets:  Sverre will create and print dinner tickets to put in the packets, indicating "meat" or "veggie".
    * Packet Assembly:  Sverre and a friend will do this.
    * SportIdent Rentals:  Brooke will send Sverre the list of rental sticks to pre-assign; rental sticks will go in the packets; Sverre will pick up the sticks from our storage unit.
    * Refunds:  No refunds for no-shows -- unless they have a really good excuse.
    * Packet Pick-up:  Amy volunteered staff the packet pick-up table on Friday afternoon / evening if we have a place to do it.  Sverre will be staying at Hilton Garden Inn, arriving on Friday afternoon with a friend who can also help.  Kathleen will call Hilton to ask for a room or corner of the lobby for us to use for packet pick, from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm on Friday, 7/1.
    * Sverre and Kris will handle packet handout on Friday morning at the Laramie Daze site, along with t-shirts (which Amy will be bringing up on Thursday afternoon); then they will bring the box of packets to the Hilton for afternoon / evening packet pick-up.
    * All registration changes need to be reported to John for OE2010 software updates -- course, class, SI#, start time, etc.
F.  Course Setting Update from Mikell:
    * Laramie Daze:  Mikell has printed maps based on current pre-registration estimates.  He may need more bibs if we get more than 80 for the relay.  Brooke will mail extra bibs and punch cards to Mikell on 6/15.

    * Day 1 -- Graham is working on final updates; he'll be back in town on 6/16; no issues anticipated.

    * Day 2 -- Neal plans to finalize his courses on 6/15.

    * Day 3 -- Joel is 100% finished, and Doug has the OCAD files for printing.
G.  Map Printing:
    * Doug will try to fit the RMOC and RMOF logos on the maps.
    * Doug will go to Hansen Brothers for the first print run.
    * Doug will print all-control maps for control pick-up.
    * Doug will also print the separate clue sheets (clue sheets will not be put in packets, but will be available at the start area prior to call-up).    * Doug will deliver maps when he arrives in Laramie on Wednesday afternoon, 6/29.

    * Map cases will not be sealed.

H.  Meet Equipment:
    * Doug will bring everything (except for controls) — both tents (for start & snacks), table, chairs, finish banner & poles/stakes, map boxes, etc.
I.  Controls:
    * Kris will bring the controls (it doesn't make sense for Graham to drive from Greeley down to Denver and then back to Laramie...), and also all of the e-punch boxes from John.
    * Doug reported that we have 105 stands (maybe 110, but a few need to be fixed and a few are short ones).
    * We may need to pull Day 1 White & Yellow stands to use on Day 2.
    * Total control counts:
        - Graham:  44 (SI boxes #31-79)
        - Neal:  57 (SI boxes #101-175)
        - Joel:  47 (SI boxes #31-79)
    * We will also need stands for:
        - Start x 2
        - Clear x 2
        - Check x 2
        - Finish x 2
J.  E-Punch Boxes:
    * We have 75 from OUSA (#101-175), 46 from RMOC (#31-76), and 20 from DPS (#1-20, John will recode them as #77-97).
    * John will make a third Start box as a backup.
K.  E-Punch:
    * John & Chris Silva will swap early/late start times.
    * Course setters (Graham / Neal / Joel) need to send final XML course files to John no later than 6/24.
    * Sverre needs to send start-list files to John no later than 6/27.
    * John will make the font very big for the results sheets.
    * Doug will check on renting a van to use for the e-punch crew, either in Denver, Laramie, or Cheyenne.  Maybe a U-Haul van?
    * We'll need a volunteer to hang results.  Do we also need a volunteer to write down bib numbers and times at the finish?
    * Sverre asked if can we set up a web server and wireless access point for people to look at results on their cell phones.  John will check.
L.  Awards:
    * Kris has five boxes of pottery from Sheryl.
    * Brooke will make labels for the awards:
        - Overall Three-Day Combined Time:  1st-2nd-3rd
        - WSC:  1st only
M.  Toilet Numbers:
    * We'll need to guesstimate requirements based on attendance, configurable by day and by site.
    * Keep in mind that it's Fourth of July weekend, the units will be put out ahead of time, and other people will be using them...
    * Mikell already has a location map and directions ready for the portapotty guy.
N.  Mapper's NotesMikell will send notes to Brooke & Kris for posting on the web site.
O.  Snacks:  Bananas & oranges.  Pretzels @ Costco.  Brooke will do this.
P.  Water for Finish:
    * Kris will talk to Simon about getting extra water for the finish.
    * Doug reports we have six packets of Vitalyte in the storage unit.  Kris will confirm with Craig that he's ordering more.
Q.  MiscellaneousBrooke will ask attendees to bring two-way radios for meet staff.


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