[x] Kris Beecroft (Meet Director)
[x] Bob Ellis (President)
[x] Doug Berling (Vice-President)
[x] Sverre Froyen (Treasurer)
[x] Brooke Mann (Secretary)


    * Word is spreading about our 2014 meet (word of mouth, save-the-date postcards).
    * Kris will draft an ONA ad.  ONA submission deadlines and rates are here:
    * Doug will try to get some Round Mountain photos when he's field checking (before snow arrives, hopefully...).


    * We agreed that having all Day 1 activities at Round Mountain / M-Lazy-C is more appealing -- better for socializing and having everything all in place on Day 1.
    * We declined the idea of having a Trail-O Demo at Garden of the Gods on Thursday -- too much trouble to get a permit, no off-trail access allowed even for setting flags, etc.

    * Sharon would prefer to have the Trail-O Championships at Round Mountain rather than Garden of the Gods; she and Doug have already identified an area to use at Round Mountain.
    * Here's the final schedule that we agreed on:
        Saturday, Aug 2 -- LROC Laramie Daze.

        Sunday, Aug 3 -- LROC Laramie Daze.

        Monday, Aug 4 -- LROC Laramie Daze.

        Tuesday, Aug 5 -- LROC Laramie Daze.

        Wednesday, Aug 6 -- LROC Laramie Daze.

        Thursday, Aug 7 -- Travel Day.

        Friday, Aug 8 -- OUSA Convention at USOC Training Center.

        Saturday, Aug 9 -- US Champs Day 1 at Round Mountain (starts 9:00 - 11:30 am); Trail-O Demo; AGM at ~4:00 pm; Dinner at M-Lazy-C at ~6:00 pm.

        Sunday, Aug 10 -- US Champs Day 2 at Sledgehammer; Trail-O Champs at Round Mountain.    
    * Mikell is working on his Laramie Daze plans.  The Goat will probably be on Sunday, 8/3.  He also plans to have a Prologue and Chase, a One-Cowboy Relay, and two other events TBD.
3.    MAPPING:

    - Mikell has completed all the Round Mountain updates he can do with Bing and Google data.  Doug will call Mikell to coordinate field-checking work.

    - Kris will call Steve Willman to get a Sledgehammer mapping update.

4.    COURSE SETTING:  Joel is setting Day 1 at Round Mountain.  Kris will check in with Carolyn (Day 2 at Sledgehammer), but Carolyn can't do much planning until later when the map is ready.

5.    VETTING:

    *The vetting team will vet courses as courses (not as individual random controls).  Right now, the team consistes of Kris Beecroft, Doug Berling, Brian Moore (Blue & Red), Sheryl Lehman & Steve Levin.
    *On the US Champs days, we'll need volunteers to verify that flags are still in place, e-punch boxes are working, etc.; this can be done in blocks rather than as courses.
    *Kris will have vetter-only planning calls as we get closer to the meet.


    * Bob will manage registration for Laramie Daze, OUSA Convention, and US Champs.
    * Kris will get Convention registration details from Glen.
    * Bob will assign early start times to Trail-O competitors on Day 2, so they can get from Sledgehammer to Round Mountain.
    * Our next meeting in November will be focused on registration (fees, deadlines, etc.).

7.    T-SHIRTS:  Libby Ellis is willing to do the design.  Kris will contact Libby.  Brooke will send previous tech-tee details.

8.    PERMITS:

    * USFS -- Doug will contact the South Park Ranger District this week (they're back at their normal office as of today).  He'll send the general Sledgehammer map outlines for his USFS contact to review.  For Round Mountain, parking will be at the M-Lazy-C Ranch.  Doug will confirm that USFS doesn't have any other concerns, besides parking.

    * BSA -- Doug reported that the Sledgehammer ranger is fine with our event taking place there; Kris will follow-up with the ranger to confirm dates and details.

9.    EQUIPMENT:  We might need to buy or rent a set of e-punch controls.  We have 153 finger sticks available for rental; can possibly borrow more from Valerie, if necessary.

10.    VOLUNTEER INCENTIVES:  Key event organizers get free starts (this includes start crew and finish / e-punch crew); free t-shirts to other volunteers.

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