· Officers:

[x] Sherry Litasi, President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Vice President
[ ] Rich Gostenik, Treasurer
[x] Brooke Mann, Secretary

· Other Members:

[x] Brian Coleman


A. National Orienteering Day Overview

* We agreed that, in the future, at meets where we expect a large turn-out of beginners on the same course, we should have at least two Starters, to help the queue of runners move onto the courses faster.

* Sherry reported that the barbecue on Sunday was a big hit (well attended), although we lost a bit of money. Next year, we should charge a bit more for the barbecue.

* Brooke reviewed attendance totals for our two NOD meets:

Fox Run Regional Park
Saturday, September 16, 2006
We offered White, Yellow, Orange, and a one-hour Score-O for more experienced orienteers. Two JROTC groups attended.

  • White: 7 starts, 20 runners
  • Yellow: 9 starts, 14 runners
  • Orange: 22 starts, 32 runners
  • Score-O: 13 starts, 14 runners

TOTAL: Approximately 80 runners, of which about 50 were newcomers.

Bear Creek Lake Park
Sunday, September 17, 2006
We offered a String course, White, two Yellows, Orange, and two Sprints. We also had a barbecue after the meet.

This might have been RMOC's largest-ever local meet. Our Scouting Coordinator, Brian Coleman, heavily promoted the event to the groups he works with. Consequently, we had a huge turn-out of Scouts and their families. One JROTC group attended.

  • String Course: 3 starts, 3 runners
  • White: 24 starts, 40 runners
  • Yellow #1: 18 starts, 31 runners
  • Yellow #2: 21 starts, 41 runners
  • Orange: 28 starts, 36 runners
  • Sprint #1: 19 starts, 19 runners
  • Sprint #2: 9 starts, 9 runners

TOTAL: Approximately 180 runners, of which about 120 were newcomers.

B. Colorado Junior Orienteering League

* Sherry would like to create a state-wide Junior Orienteering League, with an RMOC member serving as a designated mentor for each participating school. Sherry met a student at Cherry Creek High School who's interested in this. Brian provided some suggestions about how best to reach a large number of teachers; specifically, he suggested the Colorado High School Athletic Association and cross country / track coaches.


* Sherry is investigating online registration options. Simon Maybury has volunteered to serve as the Registrar. Brooke forwarded Sherry some contact information for DVOA's online registration system.

* Sherry is trying to find computers to use for the OCAD class. There may be a high school computer lab available in the town of Elbert.

* Sherry is working with Rich Gostenik to finalize the event budget and fee schedule.

* The convention happens to overlap with the National State Games, which are taking place in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, the State Games do not include an orienteering event. This event may put a strain on hotel resources.

* Brian has scanned Ivar Helgesen's Peaceful Valley basemap; he will forward a copy to Christoph Zurcher. Overall timing for final map creation is very tight.

* Sverre will work on obtaining a permit for the Trail-O at Garden of the Gods.

* Sara Mae Berman has written a convention feature article that will appear in the November / December issue of Orienteering North America.


* Sherry reported that we grossed $6,745 from the US Championship events in Buena Vista (although she was not certain if this figure accounts for mapping costs).

* Rich negotiated a good price for a 5'x5' storage locker to house RMOC's meet equipment. Contact Sherry or Rich if you need to obtain the access code.

* Going forward, our meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month. We may or may not hold the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 7th, since we're hosting our Annual General Meeting shortly thereafter on Sunday, November 19th.

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