· Officers:

[x] Sherry Litasi, President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Vice President
[ ] Rich Gostenik, Treasurer
[x] Brooke Mann, Secretary
[x] Brian Coleman, Scouting Coordinator

· Other Members:

[x] Bob Ellis
[x] Adam Feerst


A. Roll-Call.

B. Mapping Updates (Brian Coleman):

  1. Brian recently completed a semester of GIS and cartography courses.

  2. Saylor Park

    • Brian is evaluating the Saylor Park map and will send out an update on or before Friday. 12/15/2006. He needs a blank copy of the map; Brooke sent Brian contact information for Neal Barlow.

    • Plamen Djambazov has prepared an estimate for the work needed to convert the Saylor Park map to OCAD.

      * DECISION: We agreed to pay Plamen to convert the Saylor Park map to OCAD, and to do the field checking work for map updates. (Unless Brian's Saylor Park research and analysis reveals something grossly amiss.)

    • * UPDATE: Brian distributed his findings via email on 12/13/2006.

  3. Peaceful Valley (PV)

    • 1:12K topos have been sent to course setters for preliminary planning purposes.

    • Brian sent Christoph a CD in November with basemap, topos and aerials so that he can start the OCAD work and field checking. Haven't heard status from Christoph lately.

    • Sherry gave Christoph a deadline of March 31, 2007.

  4. Tahosa and Ben de la Tour (BSA Areas)

    • Brian has USGS topo data for both of these loaded into OCAD.

  5. Florissant (FFBNM)

    • Can this area be used for a local meet or for 2007 Convention / Five-Day meet activities? What are the issues that have been encountered at Florissant?

    • UPDATE: We received the following information on 12/13/2006: "I tried to use FFBNM for the Scapegoat a few years ago (2003?) but there were too many hurdles. They had a maximum of 80 participants that dropped to 60 or 50, they had a limit on parking (30 vehicles as I recall), and they wanted $5 per person. All and all it was too much for the Scapegoat. The then-new superintendent seemed to be very arbitrary and the "deal" changed through the months of our discussions. Could be different now."

  6. Devils' Thumb Resort (DTR)

    • Brian plans to use JP's GPS tracks along with a USGS topo to generate a Ski-O map. Brian has already completed the basemap based on USGS data.

    • Adam noted that JP's tracks from last year made need updates, due to significant changes as a result of pine-beetle clearing at DTR.

      * ACTION ITEM #2006-12-12-01: Brooke will check with JP to find out how much the trails have changed since last year. Do they need to be re-GPS'd?

  7. Black Forest

    • We don't know the status of the new area that was supposed to be added to Black Forest. Is this something Christoph could work on? Brooke distributed a blueprint of the proposed addition via email on 12/12/2006.

  8. Bear Creek Park (Colorado Springs)

    • This map is too out-of-date to be used (as an alternative for the early-April Palmer Park meet). For now, Christoph is focusing on PV updates.

C. E-Punch Updates (Sherry Litasi):

  • Valerie Meyer has confirmed that epunch equipment can be rented; RMOC would only need to buy the software. The software costs a few hundred dollars (exact price TBD).

  • Possible rental sources include USOF, QOC, DVOA, BAOC, SDO, LAOC, and GAOC.

D. Permit Updates:

  1. Kelly Dahl

    • We can do this as a member-only under event without a permit, as long as we have fewer than 75 participants and we don't charge an entry fee. But, do we want to jeopardize our working relationship with the USFS, since this is a contentious area?

    • We're still hopeful that Kathleen Brennan can make headway with her USFS contacts.

    • In either case, we need to move this meet to be later than its current early-May date, due to wet ground conditions that persist 'til late May. we'll need to re-confirm Rich Kelly's availability on the new meet date.

    • * DECISION: We agreed that the best course of action would be for Sverre to submit the Kelly Dahl permit application separate from all other areas. That way, it can be handled separately without delaying approvals for our other areas. We will enlist Kathleen Brennan's help to get the permit process moving for Kelly Dahl.

  2. Palmer Park / Garden of the Gods (GoG)

    • Technically, off-trail travel is not permitted at Garden of the Gods or at Palmer Park. In the past, this issue has been "finessed" by the Palmer Park course setter. However, we don't want any issues at Palmer Park (which is currently scheduled for early April 2007) to jeopardize our permit for the Trail-O at Garden of the Gods (in August 2007), since the Trail-O event is part of the USOF Convention.

    • * DECISION: We agreed to move the Palmer Park meet date to sometime after the GoG Trail-O. We need to follow-up with Bob Ward to see if he wants to (a) still do Palmer Park but at a later date, (b) set courses at a different map (Fox Run?) on the same date in early April, or (c) both.

E. New Punchcards (Brian Coleman):

  • Final proof is in the works. The price works out to be 12-21 cents each padded and die-cut, depending on how many we order. We agreed that this is a great price.

F. Annual Scoring System (Adam Feerst):

  • Adam presented some preliminary options for a points series or annual scoring system. We requested that Adam do some research to see how other clubs are currently doing it.

G. Miscellaneous:

  • Our 2007 OCAD training date is TBD.

  • Sherry plans to start the Colorado Junior Orienteering League in Fall 2007. She anticipates that hundreds of kids will participate, and she already has some volunteers who are interested in coaching.

H. 2007 Convention Update:

  • Sherry is looking for a registrar to fill in while Simon Maybury is out of the country in July 2007.

  • We do not have sanctioning approval yet; the sanctioning request was recently re-submitted.

  • We will need to have our map printing quality validated prior to the Convention and Five-Day meets.

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