· Officers:

[x] Sherry Litasi, President
[ ] Sverre Froyen, Vice President
[ ] Rich Gostenik, Treasurer
[x] Brooke Mann, Secretary
[ ] Brian Coleman, Scouting Coordinator

· Other Members:

[x] Plamen Djambazov
[x] Bob Ellis
[x] Adam Feerst
[x] JP Ingebrigtsen
[x] Simon Maybury
[x] Gordon McCurry
[x] Bob Ward


A. Roll-Call.

B. General Business:

  1. We set a new meeting schedule to accommodate people's availability. For the next few months, we'll meet on the third Wednesday of each month (2/21, 3/21, 4/18).

  2. We agreed to donate Frisco meet proceeds to Danelle Ballengee's medical fund.

  3. Sherry and Brian need suggestions for a location to hold the upcoming OCAD training on Saturday, February 17th. The focus of the workshop will be on OCAD usage for map making. OCAD usage for course setting will be part of the Course Setting Workshop. The Course Setting Workshop is tentatively planned for Sunday, March 18th.

  4. Bob Ellis and Adam Feerst are working on an orienteering presentation to be given at REI (Denver) on Wednesday, 4/11/2007, 7:30 - 9:00pm. Gordon will forward Bob and Adam the CMC course materials he developed a couple years ago. Bob and Adam may set a mini-course inside REI as part of the presentation.

C. New Ski-O Map for Devils' Thumb Resort (DTR):

  • Brian's map should be ready for JP to use for field checking in the next week or so.

  • JP will ask DTR staff about their snowshoe policy, so we can decide whether or not to include a snowshoe course. [UPDATE FROM JP: Snowshoes are allowed at DTR, as long they stay along the outside of the ski trails.]

D. Other Ski-O Maps:

  • Due to limited time and volunteer availability for map making, we decided it is not feasible to have Ski-O events at Gold Run, Eldora, and Breckenridge Nordic Center this year. Rather, we will focus on creating good maps of these areas this spring, so that we can have events in 2008.

  • JP has already collected GPS data for the ski trails at Eldora. Brooke volunteered to collect GPS tracks of the snowshoe trails.

E. Permit Updates:

  • We don't have any new Kelly Dahl updates from Kathleen Brennan or Sverre Froyen.

F. Saylor Park Update:

  • Plamen will schedule his field checking work when the snow has melted.

  • Mikell Platt has already sent Plamen the bits of Saylor Park that he has in OCAD.

  • Plamen is still waiting to receive hard copies from Steve Willman; Sherry will remind Steve to send them.

G. 2007 Convention Update:

  • Mapping: Sherry hasn't heard from Christoph in a couple months. She will call him to get a status report.

  • Lots of budget and registration details need to be worked out.

  • JP agreed to assist with various elements of the safety plan. The submittal deadline is 2/28/2007.

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