· Officers:

[x] Sherry Litasi, President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Vice President
[ ] Rich Gostenik, Treasurer
[x] Brooke Mann, Secretary

· Other Members:

[ ]
[ ]
[ ]


A. Roll-Call.

B. General Business:

  1. Sherry explained that our meet at Buena Vista was not covered under the adventure race's USFS permit after all. But we did acquire seven new or renewing members at the meet.

  2. Sherry has recruited two volunteers to help with registration and control pick-up at the upcoming White Ranch meet. Also, there are some Girl Scouts who want to help with the String course and the White course.

  3. Sherry is working with Dick Matthews to review the Buffalo Creek course and prepare the maps. Eric Stephenson plans to help as a Vetter. Bryan Caylor and Bill Campbell have volunteered to help with control pick-up. Our USFS permit approval is still at risk. Brooke will go ahead and set-up the online registration page for this event.

  4. Sherry relayed some punchcard pricing information from Brian Coleman. We agreed to move forward on printing the new punchcards that Brian designed.

C. Mapping Updates:

  1. Plamen is making progress on the Peaceful Valley map. The tablet-PC system is working well. The map is about one-third complete, but Plamen has concerns about finishing it in time for the Five-Day Course Setters. Luckily, he's living nearby in Monument.

  2. Karen Dennis and David Irving are currently in Colorado Springs working on their Garden of the Gods Trail-O map; they'll be back in July to finalize it. Violeta Djambazova has converted a portion of the map into OCAD format.

  3. Status of the Saylor PArk map updates in unknown.

D. USOF Convention & Five-Day Meet:

  1. We discussed some options for buying E-Punch stands vs. making them. We need a total of 160-180 stands. Doug Berling is building a prototype.

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