· Officers:

[x] Sherry Litasi, President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Vice President
[x] Bob Ellis, Treasurer
[x] Brooke Mann, Secretary

· Other Members:

[x] Mikell Platt


A. Roll-Call.

B. 2008 US Championships:

  • Mikell has proposed that LROC and RMOC jointly host the 2008 US Classic Distance Championships the weekend after his 2008 "Laramie Daze" event in August. No other clubs have submitted a bid for the 2008 US Championships.

    In a nutshell, the idea is that Mikell/LROC would manage everything related to the courses (mapping, course design, course vetting, control hanging, map printing, control pickup, etc.), while RMOC would be responsible for all the ancillary administrative tasks (registration, meet packets, signage, start crew, finish crew, medals, t-shirts, etc.).

    Brooke has agreed to serve as Registrar, and Mikell already has vetters lined up. We would need to find a Meet Director; Brooke will contact some people that were suggested as potential candidates to see if they might be interested.

    We agreed to go for it...

C. General Business:

  • Sherry has moved all our Denver-area "stuff" to a new storage locker that's bigger and cheaper. Neal Barlow still has all the Colorado Springs-area "stuff" in his garage.

  • Gordon McCurry suggested via email that the (high-altitude) Observatory meet should be scheduled earlier in the year in 2008, perhaps in June, July or August, so that we can escape the summer heat. We could then move meets such as Cherry Creek State Park and/or Chatfield State Park to the Fall when it's cooler. Sherry and Sverre agreed to do this when they work on the 2008 schedule and USFS permit application.

  • This forecast for this weekend is pretty grim. Brooke will send out an email notice that the Kelly Dahl meet will take place "rain or shine", along with a reminder about our USFS rules (parking, porta-potty, campground, etc.).

  • Brooke reviewed the voucher postcard she drafted for the volunteer incentive program. We agreed to start the program in 2008, rather than making it retroactive to 2007. Process starting in 2008: Brooke will collect volunteer names from the Meet Directors (which she already does for the web site), send out the voucher postcards, and then forward the volunteer names to Violeta Djambazova (our Volunteer Coordinator).

  • We agreed to select Brian Coleman as our 2007 Volunteer of the Year. Brooke will create a certificate Sherry can present to him at our Annual Meeting.

  • Bob Ellis has volunteered to be our new Treasurer (assuming he's elected at the Annual Meeting -- which seems likely, since he's the only nominee!).

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