[x] Sherry Litasi, President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Vice-President
[x] Bob Ellis, Treasurer
[x] B. Brooke Mann, Secretary
[x] Brian Coleman, Mapping Coordinator
[x] Plamen Djambazov, Mapper
[x] JP Ingebrigtsen, Member

A. Mapping: Brian provided the following updates --

  • Camp Alexander / Sledgehammer: We have the basemap back from Ivar Helgesen, and it's being scanned and geo-referenced. The next step will be to vectorize it and convert the contours (rather than drawing the contours by hand in OCAD). Then, Plamen will start on the field work.

  • Manitou Expansion: Ivar is still working on this one. Sherry asked Brian and Sverre to delineate the new areas on a map, so we can re-confirm access with the US Forest Service.

  • Saylor Park Expansion: We probably won't get this one back from Ivar in time to do field work in the spring / summer.

  • Chatfield State Park and Cherry Creek State Park: Plamen is geo-referencing these and improving the contour resolution, based on data Brian got from the US Army Corps of Engineers. Plamen is also making some general updates.

  • Golden Gate Canyon State Park: The contour data we got from the state wasn't useable; Brian is going to check with DRCOG for an alternate source of data.

B. Permits: Sverre provided the following updates --

  • We had to send our course plans to the ranger at Cherry Creek State Park for review prior to getting the permit.

  • The US Forest Service has a few questions about our 2009 permit application; Sverre told them to call Sherry. (Issue: a large group of Boy Scouts will be at Frisco Peninsula on the same weekend as our Night-O and regular meet in conjunction with the Adventure Xstream race.)

  • Our permit application for Chatfield State Park has been approved.

C. E-Punch Update: Sherry and Bob provided the following updates --

  • The e-punch workshop took place on Sunday, 3/22/2009. Bob and John spent a lot of time experimenting with the SportIdent software; they need at least two more sessions to learn the software thoroughly. Workshop attendees also discussed logistics and procedures for local meets with e-punching. We may use e-punching only on the Advanced courses for our first couple of meets.

  • Sverre recommends that we only use the printer (without a computer) at local meets, for complete simplicity. He has registered as a developer on the SportIdent web site, so that he can develop code to extract stored results data directly from the printer (serial port).

  • Sverre recommends that we buy some light cables to secure our e-punch control units in high-traffic areas. Sverre found some online at "TufNut" for $4-5 each. Brooke volunteered to work with Troy to make the cables (hopefully for less than $4-5 each), instead of buying them pre-made. We'll also need heavy-duty zip ties and a cutting tool to remove the zip ties after a meet. We realize the system is only as secure as the zip-ties; but, at least they'll be a little bit harder to steal.

  • We talked about a secure storage method for the control units; a clear plastic bin would work.

  • Sherry wants to buy two tables ($30-40 each at Big Lots), and some chairs for the Registration and E-Punch volunteers.

  • The laptops that Bob and Plamen offered to donate will not work out (battery issues). Sherry found a laptop online for $360; she'll send the specs to Bob and John to review.

  • Brooke needs finger-stick vendor details from John, to post on the RMOC web site.

  • Based on suggestion from Valerie Meyer, we decided to not collect collateral (e.g. car keys, drivers license) when we rent-out our finger sticks. Instead, we will attach lanyards to all of the rental finger sticks and make it clear in the waiver that anyone who loses a rental finger stick will be responsible for the replacement cost ($38.50 each). We can re-visit this decision if people start losing them all the time. Brooke and Troy will create the lanyards (ideally for less than $2 apiece).

  • We reviewed various options for storing the finger sticks; we decided on clear plastic business card sheets labeled with the finger stick numbers, stored in a binder. Sherry tested and confirmed that a finger stick will fit in the business card sleeve.

  • Brooke and Bob will revise the new registration flow chart. Brooke will create a new start list form that includes all of our rental finger-stick numbers.

D. Miscellaneous:

  • USOF has hired a new full-time Executive Director (details). He may be in Denver in April for a conference, 4/26 - 4/29/2009; if so, Sherry would like to host a potluck lunch / dinner for him to meet with RMOC members and officers.

  • Sherry will start on the USOF sanctioning paperwork for 2010 -- Night, Relay, and Long Championships.

  • Brooke outlined two possible approaches for a Volunteer Incentive Program; we agreed to let members pick the incentive program they prefer via an online poll on the RMOC web site. Brooke will work on this before the next meeting.

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