[x] Bob Ellis, President
[x] Doug Berling, Vice-President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Treasurer
[x] B. Brooke Mann, Secretary
[x] Sherry Litasi, A-Meet Coordinator
[x] John Crowther, E-Punch Coordinator

1.  General RMOC Updates from Bob:

	A.  Promotional Ski-O meet in Steamboat this Saturday
	(3/13/2010), in conjunction w/ the North Routt Coureur des Bois
	XC ski race on Sunday.  JP Ingebrigtsen & Charlie Shahbazian are
	creating the map and courses.  Trail passes will be $9 (normal
	cost is $18), RMOC entry fee will be $6.  Skis only (no snowshoes).

	B.  JP has volunteered to be Course Setter for White Ranch.
	Tentative date is May 1, permit pending.  Doug will work on the
	permit.  Brooke will update the online schedule and PDF flier
	when the date is confirmed.

	C.  Sherry mentioned that Cherry Creek courses need to be
	submitted one month in advance.  John will contact Gøril to check

	D.  Doug has BLM/USFS permits and KOA permissions in the works
	for our Buena Vista meet in May.

	E.  REI workshops coming up:  3/25 in Boulder, 3/31 in Denver,
	4/13 in Colorado Springs.  REI's Monthly Friday Social will be
	Intro to Orienteering (led by Bob) on 4/30 in Boulder; extra
	volunteer assistants needed!

	E.  Our next meeting will be at 7:00 pm MDT on Tuesday, April 6,
	2010, via Skype.

3.  A-Meet Updates from Sherry:

	A.  Sanctioning:  USOF decision expected sometime this week
	(i.e., by 3/13/2010).  Joe Scarborough will be Course Controller.
	Bob will convene Course Setters to discuss details.

	B.  Registration:  11 so far.  April 16 is early-bird deadline.

	C.  ONA Ad:  Not yet.

	D.  Permitting:  Doug is working on it.

		i.  Manitou (Night-O) -- Application submitted to Sue Miller
		@ USFS; approved w/ parking @ picnic ground, start @ cattle
		guard.  May have to pay $5 per car for another day at the
		picnic area if anyone stays past midnight at the parking lot.
		Cars will pay the $5 fee as they arrive.

		ii.  Lake George (Relay) -- Application submitted to Sue
		Miller @ USFS; they wanted more details about the specific
		area we'll be using (which will be the corral area we used
		last time).  Doug also contacted the Lake George Community
		Park people about using the pavilion (it has electricity);
		he needs to complete and submit the form; no conflicts
		anticipated since it's a weekday.

		iii.  Rainbow Falls -- Application submitted to Sue Miller @
		USFS, along w/ Plamen's preliminary map.  Area along the creek
		is jumping mouse habitat, which will limit crossing points
		and course design.  The best area for White & Yellow courses
		is on the west side of the creek, which requires crossing the

	E.  Control Stands:  John got some ideas from BOK.  Bob made a
	prototype of his own design for $0.55 each and about one minute
	per stand; he will test them this weekend at Steamboat.  Another
	option might be the lightweight stands USOF bought a few years
	ago, but they are apparently lost / missing.  Will we be able to
	get them into the ground?  TBD.  Doug also offered some ideas
	(rebar system, heavier).  Four control units are being repaired;
	John Crowther will make required software updates.

	F.  Scheduling:  Some have expressed concerns about having US
	championship events on weekdays.  Decision is to keep the
	schedule as-is, since changing all the permit applications that
	are already in progress would not be feasible.

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