[x] Bob Ellis, President
[x] Doug Berling, Vice-President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Treasurer
[x] B. Brooke Mann, Secretary
[x] Brian Coleman, Mapping Coordinator & Scouting Coordinator
[x] Sherry Litasi, Outreach Coordinator

 [***Asterisks indicate follow-up items.***]

 A.	***Bob will poll Plamen, Mikell, J-J and Greg Lennon to get an
	idea of the going rates and standard fees for:
	 - Basemapping
	 - Field work

 B.	Brian has some ideas about new technology to expedite the
 	process of creating basemaps from digital data.

 C.	Camp Alexander may not have internet coverage necessary for
	Mikell to use for his "day job" while mapping.  Is there
	cellular coverage to use with an air card?

 D.	Sherry is willing to take on Camp Alexander / Sledgehammer as a
 	mapping project.
 	- Payment rate TBD (see item "A" above.).
 	- Doug and Sherry have done a preliminary reconnaissance of the
 	area via car.
 	- The better areas are to the west; leave out the super-steep

 	- Need to determine exactly where the private property areas
 	are (ask Park County).  Do this first before beginning field
 	work.  ***Doug volunteered to contact Park County.  ***Brian
 	will forward Park County contact info to Doug.
 	- Also, before starting field work, we need to ask Forest
 	Service about any endangered species we need to work around.
 	***Doug will ask his USFS contact, Dee Lyons, since he's
 	already working with her on Blue Mountain permitting.

 	- Brian is working on getting all the background imagery
 	acquired and saved as an OCAD file for Sherry to use when she
 	does field work.  Right now, he only has the area around the
 	scout camp; he will continue to expand to the adjacent areas.

 	- Brian will charge the equipment, hand it over to Sherry, and
 	give her some training.

 	- Sherry needs to coordinate with the Boy Scouts, since the
 	camp will be her main base of operations.  Also, coordinate
 	with USFS.  Brian will put Sherry in touch with the scout camp

 E.	Other Map Updates:

 	- Kelly Dahl.

 	- Observatory.

 	- Bear Creek Lake Park.

 	- Fox Run Regional Park (new contours -- start from scratch).

 	- Need to georeference these maps if we use Brian's computer to
 	update them.  Or, can we "rubber sheet" them as a shortcut?

 F.	Priorities for Brian:

 	- Expand background imagery for Camp Alexander / Sledgehammer.

 	- Georeference existing maps to be updated (see item "E"

 G.	White Ranch Permanent Course:

 	- Brian met with the Eagle Scout and his father.  They will
 	take their plans to JeffCo, and then get BSA approvals.  He
 	would like to meet with Sherry for course consultation.  (Bob
 	can do course consultation if Sherry is too busy.)   The Eagle
 	Scout lives in Wheat Ridge.  Goal is to complete the project
 	this summer.

 	- May need to present several marker options to JeffCo.

 H.	Possible A-Meet in 2012 and/or 2013:

 	- June or August 2012 at Camp Alexander / Sledgehammer, three
 	or five days.  (2012 WOC events are in July.)

 	- 2013 US Scholastic Championships.  Maybe at Peaceful Valley?
 	***Brian will check to see if late-April 2013 might work for
 	PV staff.

 I.	Miscellaneous:

 	- Brian has a 3' x 4' x 5' flatfile storage cabinet he'd like
 	to get out of his storage space.  He's willing to donate it to
 	the club for maps, etc., if we can find a place for it.  Doug
 	will take a look at it.

 	- Should we move the Blue Mountain meet up by a week or two,
 	since the dates for Laramie Daze have changed?  This works OK
 	for Doug, since he's still working on the USFS permit
 	paperwork.  ***Doug will ask Neal if this date change works for
 	him.  [UPDATE 3/8/2011:  The date change is OK with Neal.]

 	- ***Brian will send Bob a cost estimate for Saylor Park

 	- Do we need a map loan for Sledgehammer?  Sverre says

 	- Brian has asked Scout management to advertise our Peaceful
 	Valley training weekend so that we get more scout

 	- Bob and Leif met with the JROTC Jamboree coordinator, Randy
 	Nielsen, on March 3rd.  Colorado Interscholastic Championship 
 	meet will be on Wednesday, 6/8/2011 (after school is already out),
 	during the week of the JROTC Jamboree.  The meet will also be open
 	to other students besides JROTC cadets.  Leif will be the Course
 	Setter, on the Magness map (since it's Yellow and Orange
 	courses only).  There will also be a totally separate Score-O
 	course for novices to do in pairs.  There will probably be a
 	total of 60 starts, so we won't need to rent additional e-punches
 	from Valerie Meyer after all.

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