[x] Bob Ellis, President
[x] Doug Berling, Vice-President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Treasurer
[x] B. Brooke Mann, Secretary
[x] Leif Anderson, CSOL Director

A.	Bob reviewed details of Bob Turbyfill's upcoming USAFA training
	session and practice courses (10/28 & 10/29).  Leif will have a
	few hours available on the morning of 10/28 to set controls.
	Doug is transferring the old map into OCAD and he also plans to do
	some field checking.  RMOC will need to plan, set, and administer
	White & Yellow courses at Fox Run on 11/5.

B.	We discussed the meet schedule.

	2011:	Leif's CU-Boulder meet on 10/23 will have different
		course options this time.

	2012:	General review of dates and locations.

		* Westcliffe ROGAINE is still going to happen, but
		Bob isn't sure if a sanctioning request has been
		submitted.  Bob will try to get in touch with Steve
		Willman for details.

		* We shuffled some dates in Bob's draft schedule to
		account for weather, permits, etc.

		* Leif is willing to set a day of courses in
		Laramie if we help put on a two-day A-meet in
		conjunction with Laramie Daze.  Bob feels that
		Mikell would probably be very open to that.  But --
		RMOC would need to supply vetters, an e-punch crew,
		registrar, meet director, start crew, etc.  Leif
		suggested that we could have a barebones format
		instead.  Bob will discuss with Mikell.

		* 2012 Western States Championships?

C.	We discussed the possibility of reducing CSOL entry fees
	in 2012, based on input from some of the JROTC instuctors.
	$8?  $6?  We had 15 trophies left over this year; re-using them
	in 2012 will cut costs a bit (since trophies were the biggest
	CSOL expense in 2011).  Bob will follow-up with the CSOL
	instructors and we'll discuss again in depth at a future

	Also, Leif suggested that we should have at least two
	Orange courses at the 2012 CSOL meets, to accommodate large
	groups.  Doug countered that our logistical limit is about
	200 runners anyway (due to parking constraints, etc.), so maybe
	we should have separate meets for CSOL.  Leif commented that
	setting up separate meets will take a lot more volunteer manpower.
	Chatfield State Park, Bear Creek Lake Park, and Cherry Creek State
	Park all have ample parking; Fox Run has very limited parking
	(we exceeded our permit limit at Fox Run this year...).

D.	Could we host Interscholastics / Intercollegiates in 2013?
	Leif's idea is:  Sprint at CU-Boulder and then Middle and Long
	courses at Kelly Dahl and Observatory.  Doug will check status
	of USFS tree-thinning at Kelly Dahl and Observatory.  Leif is
	willing to serve as the main liaison for getting a permit at

E.	If we host the Interscholastics / Intercollegiates in 2013
	in the Boulder area, we would put-off our A-meet at Camp
	Alexander / Sledgehammer until 2014.  Or maybe we could host
	the 2013 Interscholastics / Intercollegiates at Camp Alexander
	/ Sledgehammer.  2013 Interscholastics / Intercollegiates at
	Peaceful Valley as a fallback plan?

F.	Bob wants to schedule a mapping meeting for next week.  Bob
	will check with Brian Coleman to see when he'll be available.

G.	Bob relayed an update from OUSA Executive Director Glen
	Schorr:  YMCA of the Rockies and Snow Mountain Ranch are both
	interested in possible orienteering maps.

H.	Idea from Leif:  set up a collegiate league in conjunction
	with CSOL.  Leif will pursue this and report back at a future

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