[x] Bob Ellis, President
[x] Doug Berling, Vice-President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Treasurer
[x] B. Brooke Mann, Secretary
[x] Leif Anderson, CSOL Director
[x] Brian Coleman, Mapping Director
[x] John Crowther, E-Punch Director
[x] Sherry Litasi, Outreach Director

A.  Update on USAFA Training

	Bob Ellis reported that:

	- Doug Berling converted the USAFA map into OCAD and made some
	updates.  Thank you, Doug!

	- Neal Barlow & Carolyn Atwood helped put out controls at USAFA and
	Fox Run.  Thank you, Neal & Carolyn!

	- Bob Turbyfill, Chuck Ferguson & Bob put on the class, and it went

	- The final course component (Yellow course) will be this Friday,

	- Bob would like to apply his new "Zero to Orange" teaching skills at
	some local workshops in Spring 2012.  We agreed that would be a good

	- Using the USAFA map for local meets would be great but also
	logistically difficult, since it's in a secure part of the USAFA

B.  Mapping Update

	- Bob reported that Steve Willman is working on the Sledgehammer map;
	hoping to be finished in Spring or Summer 2012.

	- Brian loaned Steve his mapping equipment (a Tremble "Yuma").  Also,
	he helped Steve resolve some technical issues with the field-mapping

	- Brian is working on some PV updates (I didn't catch specifically
	what this was about...).

	- Sherry suggested that we map Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA).  Big
	question -- would they allow off-trail activities?  Leif and Sherry
	would be willing to do the field work.  ***Sherry will try to contact
	someone at RMA.

	- Leif would like to update the Tahosa map (timeline TBD).  Brian
	reported that the segment in between the two map portions is now
	accessible.  Brian might have some useful digital data available.

	- Leif talked about possibly mapping Caribou Flats (not Caribou
	Ranch).  ***Leif will forward his ownership research to Bob for
	follow-up.  Leif requested that ***Brian try to find the best possible
	aerial photo for the Caribou area (and contour data if available).
	***Leif will send Brian a location polygon.

	- Leif would like to update the contours at Fox Run.  Leif requested
	that ***Brian try to find the best possible aerial photo for Fox Run
	(and contour data if available).

	- The payment rate for mapping is still TBD.  Plamen asked for
	$100/day.  The quality of the base map is a factor.

C.  Events in 2012 and Beyond

	- Bob confirmed with Steve Willman that the Westcliff ROGAINE will not
	happen in 2012, due to logistical hurdles.

	- Brian reported that on 9/21/2012 through 9/23/2012, there will be a
	council-wide Camporee at Peaceful Valley with 7,000-10,000 attendees.
	BSA organizers have asked for a competitive O-meet for the event.
	Brian estimates that we'd have 500 scout competitors.  We could open
	the meet to the general public, too.  ***Brian agreed to serve as
	overall coordinator / liaison / meet director.  We'd probably need
	multiple White, Yellow & Orange courses to accommodate so many people.

	- Bob and Mikell Platt are in discussions about a possible two-day A-
	meet in Laramie in conjunction with LROC's Laramie Daze event (late
	August / early September).

		* Bob is willing to be Meet Director.

		* Bob contacted some OUSA sanctioning people; the Western States
		Championships have not yet been claimed for 2012.

		* Bob has sent course-setter requests to Graham Baird and Neal
		Barlow.  Responses TBD.

		* Leif suggested we should have more sanctioned events as part of
		this meet, to draw a bigger crowd.  The counter argument is that
		Mikell probably prefers the low-key / low-stress approach of NOT
		sanctioning additional elements of the meet.  Also, having more
		sanctioned events requires more volunteers (start crews, pre-
		runners, e-punch crew, etc.) -- as opposed to the time-yourself
		nature of Mikell's unsanctioned meets.

		* Leif suggested the newer S-M-L format rather than having two
		Classic days; Leif is willing to be Course Setter for the Long day
		if we adopt the S-M-L format.

		* Sverre proposed a Night-O on Friday.

		* ***Bob will discuss these ideas with Mikell to get his input
		before making any final decisions.

	- Interscholastics in 2013?  At Peaceful Valley or Sledgehammer?

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