[x] Kris Beecroft
[x] Graham Baird
[x] Brian Coleman
[x] Doug Berling
[x] Bob Ellis
[x] Sverre Froyen
[x] John Haddon
[x] B. Brooke Mann

 A.	We agreed that the Mapping Committee's short-term goals will be to:
 	  * Identify existing maps that need updates.
 	  * Identify new areas that can be mapped for future A-Meets.
	  * Identify potential mappers.
 B.	We worked our way through the map inventory spreadsheet from 1/31/2008,
 	making updates to map details and adjustments to prioritizations.

 	Miscellaneous notes:

 	  * Brian commented that background images should always be included
 	    when OCAD files are passed around.  The best approach is to save
 	    the OCAD file AND all associated background images as a ZIP file.
 C.	We adjourned after about 90 minutes; we agreed to continue working our
 	way through the map spreadsheet at our next meeting.  We also agreed
 	that, to continue with our momentum, we would continue to meet weekly
 	or bi-weekly until we get some projects underway.

D.	Action Items:
 	  * Brooke will research options for a new web-based document repository or
 	    Sharepoint-like tool to replace the clunky app we're currently using.

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