[x] Kris Beecroft
[x] Brian Coleman
[x] Bob Ellis
[x] John Haddon
[x] B. Brooke Mann
[x] Doug Berling
[x] Sverre Froyen
[x] Graham Baird
[x] Chris Ray

 A.	We talked about the minimum acreage required for a map.  We didn't come
 	up with a specific number, but it would depend on usage (local meet vs.
 B.	We continued to work through the map inventory spreadsheet from 1/31/2008,
 	making updates to map details and adjustments to prioritizations.

 	Many of our maps need Project Managers to determine ownership / access,
 	evaluate suitability of the terrain, identify data sources, etc.  Some
 	proposed map areas will stay a low priority until we have a Project
 	Manager for the map.

 C.	Our base mapper, Ivar Helgesen, retired in 2011/2012.  Do we have any
 	alternatives, other than obtaining existing LiDAR data or flying a
 	custom LiDAR survey?  (See discussion here: )

 	We can use high-resolution aerial photos for vegetation boundaries,
 	streams, roads, trails, etc., but we need stereo pairs and/or LiDAR
 	data in order to draw contours.

 	Note that OUSA has low-cost aerials available from "Pictometry Online";
 	full details at

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