[x] Kris Beecroft
[x] Doug Berling
[x] Sherry Litasi
[x] Brian Coleman
[x] B. Brooke Mann

A.	Sherry discussed a new state park -- "Staunton", near Pine.  She
 	contacted someone with the state parks and wildlife department, but
 	hasn't heard back yet.  The park's grand opening is May 18-19, 2013.

B. 	We talked about mapping priorities in the context of a 2014 A-meet.
 	A championship meet would draw more people than a standard A-meet.
 	Kris had an informal discussion with the OUSA President last week at
 	the interscholastic A-meet, and he liked our proposed itinerary for 2014.

 	Next steps:  decide on specific map locations for our 2014 A-Meet.
 	Should we use existing maps or create new ones?  Do we have enough
 	time and an available mapper to create new ones?  Or should we just
 	use LROC maps like we did in 2012...?

 	After some discussion, we decided that Camp Alexander should be our
 	first-choice location for a 2014 A-Meet.

 	* Kris will ask Steve Willman if he wants to continue working on this map.

 	* Kris will check with Plamen Djambazov to see what his availability
 	would be in Spring or Summer 2013.

 	Blue Mountain might be a good alternative to Camp Alexander, as a
 	fall-back option or for additional days.  Blue Mountain's terrain
 	is very different from that at Camp Alexander.  We could also use
 	Rainbow Falls.

C. 	Other discussion items:

 	- If Plamen and Steve are working on a new map at Camp Alexander, we
 	could ask Mikell to focus on maps we use for local meets -- in particular,
 	Observatory and Kelly Dahl (pending news from USFS on access, tree
 	thinning activities, etc.).

 	- Sherry is willing to work on a Cherry Creek expansion, since she lives
 	in the area.  Sherry also plans to make more updates to our Frisco map
 	this spring.

 	- We agreed that we need projects in the pipeline, looking beyond 2014.

D. 	Kris had questions about how and where we store our OCAD files.  We store
 	some of them on our web server (which is backed up daily), in a password-
 	protected directory that's only accessible to RMOC officers, mappers, and 
 	course setters.  BUT, we don't have all of our files in the online
 	repository, and some of what we do have is out of date.

 	Kris will ask her QOC contacts how they store their OCAD files.  Also,
 	see this discussion on Attackpoint:

 	We agreed that we should have an official Map Librarian who ensures
 	we have up-to-date copies of all OCAD files.  We also need to develop
 	and follow a standard file naming conventions.  For example,
 	"Map Name (Mapper Name) YYYY-MM-DD.ocd"

E. 	Brian has obtained digital data for all of the state parks we're interested in:
 	Chatfield, Cherry Creek, Cheyenne Mountain, Golden Gate, and Lory.
 	"Digital data" means GIS data for roads, trails, buildings, boundaries, and
 	some vegetation boundaries; imagery; and a digital elevation model (DEM).

 	Brian gave an overview of different data sources for creating basemaps --
 	DEMs, stereo pairs, LiDAR, etc.  Considerations for o-mapping include
 	the age of the imagery and the contour interval of the DEM (it's usually
 	too large to be useful for our purposes).

 	Brian will ask Greg Lennon ( to attend one
 	of our future conference calls, to give an overview of how to use LiDAR
 	data for orienteering maps.  Also see:

F. 	Sherry pointed out that we shouldn't need to fly new surveys, since we
 	have so much existing basemap ready to be field checked (specifically,
 	Camp Alexander, the Manitou area, the Saylor Park area, and the Rainbow
 	Falls area).  We all agreed...

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