[x] Bob Ellis
[x] Sverre Froyen
[x] B. Brooke Mann
[x] Kris Beecroft
[x] John Crowther
[x] Sherry Litasi


	- Kris will send an email to Peter Goodwin to ask about the
	sanctioning committee's decision-making timeline, and whether
	any other clubs are interested in hosting the 2014 Classic
	Championships (two-day, combined time).  QOC may put in a bid
	for the 2014 S-M-L Championships.

	- Volunteers are as follows, so far.  Kris will contact
	potential volunteers for the unconfirmed roles:

	 * Meet Director -- Kris Beecroft
	 * Registrar -- Bob Ellis
	 * E-Punch Chief -- John Crowther
	 * Course Setters -- Neal Barlow? Christoph Zurcher? Joel Swisher?
                             Michael Rounds?
	 * Course Vetters -- Sherry Litasi? Sheryl Lehman & Steve Levin?
	 * Start Chief -- Sharon Crawford? Dennis Carney?
	 * Equipment Chief -- Doug Berling?

 	- Bob will ask Kathleen Brennan if she's willing to be in
 	charge of OUSA Annual General Meeting coordination and general
 	lodging / dining logistics.

	- If/when we get sanctioning approval, John will contact 
	Valerie Meyer to confirm that her rental e-punch equipment
	will be available.

	Miscellaneous Items:

	- Camp Alexander is ~20 minutes away from our Manitou maps.
	Camp Alexander is good logistically, because it has parking,
	bathrooms, etc.

	- Kris will ask about other potential mappers in addition to
	Mikell and Plamen.

	- Kris will submit the OUSA sanctioning paperwork for "Manitou /
	Woodland Park area" (since we haven't yet decided on specific
	maps).  Camp Alexander / Sledgehammer is our first choice
	location; Blue Mountain could be our backup location (we
	haven't used it in years, and it would need some updates).


	- We approved the purchase of three new OCAD 11 licenses for
	the Standard version ($425 each).  We already have one license
	for the "Pro" version.  We agreed that we don't need any
	licenses for the Course Setting version.  We're not sure about
	the policy for sharing the licenses (i.e., can person #2
	install OCAD 11 if person #1 uninstalls it first?).

	- Did we ever officially complete the purchase of Brian's
	mapping laptop?  Sverre will confirm.

	- We need to find a new Course Setter for this Saturday's meet
	at Bear Creek Lake Park, due to a last-minute cancellation.
	Bob will take charge of that, and will also run e-punch at the
	meet (since John and Doug will be out of town).  Kris can help
	hang controls on Saturday morning; Brooke will send out an
	email to recruit additional volunteers.

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