· Officers:

       [x]  Sherry Litasi, President
       [x]  Sverre Froyen, Vice President
       [ ]  Dick Matthews, Treasurer
       [x]  Brooke Mann, Secretary

· Other Members:

       [x]  Gordon McCurry
       [x]  Adam Feerst



* Sherry has scheduled a meeting with the Director or Snow Mountain Ranch.  The
meeting will take place on 2/24/2006, to discuss the possibility of mapping the
facility and holding a multi-day "A" meet there sometime in the future.

* Sherry has had some discussions with USFS about Buffalo Creek and Saylor Park.
In order to obtain permits for these areas, a full review would be required.

* Sherry has a meeting scheduled with USFS in Fairplay on 2/17/2006, to discuss
possibilities for continued use at Round Mountain.

* Sherry is working some various avenues to resolve the Kelly Dahl access issue.

* Christoph Zurcher is willing to do some mapping work for us, however he's not
sure what to charge.  Sherry plans to do research with her USOF contacts to
determine a reasonable rate.

* We have obtained three copies of OCAD Standard Edition and one copy of OCAD
Professional Edition.

* Sherry and Alex Thomas did some GPS experimentation at Chatfield State Park
recently.  Sherry reported that the process was quite laborious / tedious.


* Gordon McCurry met recently with Theresa Glowacki, the Resource Management
Manager for Boulder County Parks & Open Space.  Gordon gave an overview of what
orienteering meets entail.  His impression was that Theresa was generally open
to the idea, and she noted that our activities would generally be consistent
with their geocaching policy.  Gordon specifically mentioned Betasso Preserve
and Myers Gulch (near Walker Ranch) as our areas of interest; Therese suggested
Mud Lake.  (Gordon's impression is that the Mud Lake area would be too small,
but he'll scout it.)

Therese's main concerns were:  the availability of adequate parking (so as not
to impact other open space users), and adherence to private property
restrictions and localized closures.  Gordon explained that out-of-bounds areas
are generally marked on our maps, and that we could also post notices and give
verbal reminders to all participants on the day of the meet.

Therese pointed out that any event with more than 25 people would require a
special use permit from the county.  The permit application would basically
require us to explain the logistics and procedures in place at the meet.

GORDON will start to draft a permit application and will circulate it to the
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mailing list for review.  SVERRE will provide Gordon
with a list of land manager contact names we can use as references.

* Sherry explained that Peaceful Valley (Elbert, CO) is the only Boy Scout area
officially approved for mapping at the moment.  Other areas are TBD; SHERRY will
follow-up with Brian Coleman.

* Brian Coleman is making good progress on the Highlands Ranch LDS map for the
upcoming Boy Scout event on 3/11/2006.  (This event will offer beginner courses

* Adam Feerst has had some preliminary discussions with the staff at Devil's
Thumb Ranch, and they are enthusiastic about the idea of us creating a map
there.  JP Ingebrigtsen has already GPS'd most of the trails at DTR.  SHERRY
will follow-up with the DTR staff.

* Sherry hopes to have a new area at Chatfield mapped by this Fall.


* Sverre is concerned about the status of some of our 2006 permits in the
Colorado Springs area.  SVERRE will contact Neal to follow-up on the permit

* Sherry explained a recent proposal for RMOC to move from USOF's "Heartland"
Region -- which currently has no USOF representative -- to the Southwest Region.
The Southwest Region currently includes clubs in NM, AZ, TX, OK and Southern CA.
Advantages of making the switch would be:  (1) belonging to a region with a
greater number of active clubs and active members in closer geographic proximity
to Colorado, and (2) the possibility of a regional championship event.  We all
agreed that moving to the Southwest Region would make sense for RMOC.

* Sherry is pursuing her proposal to host a USOF Annual General Meeting (AGM) on
Friday, 3/18/2006, in Buena Vista (to coincide with the US championship events
being hosted by RMOC in Buena Vista that weekend).

* Sherry proposed the idea of hosting a USOF convention at Peaceful Valley in
2007, perhaps in coordination with our bi-annual five-day meet.  One advantage
would be that USOF awards a $2,000 grant to the host club for mapping.  We could
also hold a Junior Training Camp.  Steve Willman (the usual five-day meet
director) has indicated he is OK with the idea.  WE generally agreed that it
sounds great in theory, but we're not sure we'll have enough committed
volunteers to pull it off.  We need to make a decision by Fall 2006.

* Adam may organize an event at the Golden Watershed sometime this spring (exact
date TBD, but possibly the weekend before or after the White Ranch meet).

* Adam clarified that he has _not_ discussed the idea of a Night-O with the Bear
Creek Lake Park ranger.  In response to some concerns that were voiced, Adam
indicated that he would set the Night-O courses so as to avoid any dangerous
areas of debris at BCLP (if we have the event).

* Sherry reported that the Frisco/Breckenridge Adventure Race organizers want to
coordinate with us again this year for the Night-O portion of their race.

* Dick Matthews already has courses planned for a Buffalo Creek Mini-ROAGINE (or
Score-O).  SHERRY will follow-up with Dick to see if he's willing to put on a
meet there this year.  SHERRY will also follow-up with the USFS to get their
input / approval.

* For our mapping meetings and general meetings, Sherry suggested that we need
more involvement from an active Colorado Springs-area member.  Sherry will
follow-up with Steve Willman when he's back in town.

* We agreed to start holding our meetings on a monthly basis, on the second
Wednesday of each Month.  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 3/8/2006, via
conference call.  Details will be posted on the RMOC website and distributed via
the RMOC mailing list.  Sherry will distribute an agenda one week prior to each

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