· Officers:

[x] Sherry Litasi, President
[x] Sverre Froyen, Vice President
[ ] Dick Matthews, Treasurer
[x] Brooke Mann, Secretary

· Other Members:

[x] Brian Coleman
[x] Adam Feerst
[x] JP Ingebrigtsen
[x] Gordon McCurry
[x] Alex Thomas



* Sherry has contacted Ivar Helgesen (Norway) about his availability to do base
mapping projects for us. He has indicated that he should be able to do at
least two base maps for us. Sherry is also checking with Mark Dominie to see
what his avaiilability might be for field checking.

* Steve Willman has agreed to assist with a Field Mapping Clinic sometime this
Spring. Proposed dates are 3/11-3/12 and 3/17-3/18. Details are TBD; SHERRY
will keep us posted.

* Sherry suggested that we review the mapping references on GAOC's website for
a list of inexpensive base map sources. Gordon will also forward a mapping
email from Dick Neuburger (PTOC).

* Sherry reported that details for the upcoming Scout expos are confirmed; we
are a "go" to have a booth at each event. We'll need people (RMOC members) to
staff the booths.

* Sherry and Brian Coleman are still trying to determine the status of our OCAD
software (what version? how many licenses?).


* We reviewed the mapping spreadsheet in great detail; BROOKE will post
updates, comments, prioritizations, and go/no-go decisions in a revised

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