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attn UPDATE 11/19/2018: Course markers sometimes disappear due to vandalism; portions of the course can be overgrown with weeds & tall grass at the end of the summer; development has encroached on the map from all four sides.

This course was built by RMOC in cooperation with the Town of Parker, Parks and Recreation Department. Please adhere to the rules below to ensure we maintain access to this valuable land resource.

Course Rules

  1. Do NOT use the course after heavy rain/snow, and do not enter areas already flooded. This corridor is prone to flash flooding on both sides of Cherry Creek. Fast moving deep water is common after large storms. Do not enter standing deep water areas.
  2. Do NOT cross traffic lanes to follow the course. Use existing underpasses, pedestrian crossings and sidewalks along roadways to traverse between sides of the creek.
  3. Adhere to out-of-bounds areas on the map marked with red hash lines. These symbols note areas where short cutting thru land owned by others is not permitted for safety, fencing or wildlife reasons.
  4. Beware that flooded marshy areas along the creek are inhabited by beavers. Dry areas are inhabited by deer, coyotes, prairie dogs, and other wildlife. Go around any animals you may encounter along the way, and just enjoy seeing them in their natural habitat.
  5. Use existing footpaths when possible to avoid creating new ones. Using the trails when muddy, accelerates erosion and unnecessary damage to the vegetation.
  6. The course spans private, commercial, town owned, and protected public lands. Be respectful and leave no trace.
  7. Vegetation and trail conditions changes drastically between the seasons due to fast growing plants and annual mowing operations. Be sure to check the conditions before planning your outing.
  8. Wear proper footwear and clothing. There are optional water crossings, thick ground vegetation, spikey plants, uneven surfaces and natural/animal made holes in many areas. Hiking boots or trail running shoes and long pants are highly recommended.
  9. Note: To avoid stream crossings, use sidewalks along bridges/overpasses to get to the other side of the open space.
  10. All Town of Parker parks close at sunset. The course is currently not approved for night orienteering.
  11. Report any general trail and facilities vandalism or damage to the Town of Parker Parks and Recreation Department [Online Reporting Tool].
  12. Report any missing/damaged controls or suggested map updates to RMOC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  13. Carry a cell phone and call 911 for any emergencies.

Map Downloads

Introductory Course - Only six controls, 2.3 kilometers long. Great for kids or those who don't want to do much walking. 

Intermediate-Advanced Course - Consists of ten controls, 3.6 kilometers (shortest route). Great for those who want more challange and don't mind busting brush and getting a little wet. 

Driving Directions

The Baldwin Gulch Trailhead parking lot is located at the NE corner of Ponderosa Dr. and South Twenty Mile Rd. [Google Maps]

  • From E470 - head South on Parker Rd. Turn West on Ponderosa (Burger King is on the NW corner). Stay right at the stop sign. Parking lot is on the right just before Twenty Mile Rd.
  • From Lincoln Ave - head North on Parker Rd.   Turn West on Ponderosa (Burger King is on the NW corner). Stay right at the stop sign. Parking lot is on the right just before Twenty Mile Rd.

 IMG 4665  IMG 4666

 IMG 4667  IMG 7795

This is the start location sign (start triangle on your map.)


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