RMOC will be hosting four Ski and Snowshoe Orienteering Meets in February & March 2018.

Orienteering is the Scandinavian sport of map reading and navigation. It can be a serious competition for elite XC skiers and snowshoe runners, or a fun map-reading excursion for non-competitive participants.

The objective is to read the map provided to you, find your way to each checkpoint location along the trails, and return to the finish. It's a chance for you to spend a day on the trails, learn a new skill, and have some fun individually or as a team.

Join us! Beginners, kids, and families are especially welcome.

A skate-skier at RMOC's 2009 Eldora meet.

Randy & Janie on the snowshoe course at
RMOC's 2011 Eldora meet.
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