OUSA now allows year-long waivers. RMOC has implemented a process to collect and track year-long waivers for our meets.

Attention! The year-long waiver option is only available to RMOC members who pre-register for each meet, since it'll be tracked in our membership / registration database. (Note that you can obtain an annual RMOC membership for as little as $12 -- details here.)

To submit your annual waiver:

Option 1: Use our online form.

Option 2: Print and sign this PDF form.

Scan and email the signed PDF form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can use your smartphone, but the image must be of high enough quality and resolution that 100% of the waiver verbiage is fully legible.


  • This option will save you a step and hopefully expedite the check-in process at our local meets IF you are a club member who pre-registers.

  • Your year-long waiver status will be noted on your pre-printed start card at each meet and also displayed in the "Registered Runners List" for each meet.

  • If you don't pre-register for a meet, be prepared to sign the standard waiver again at meet check-in (since the meet volunteers won't have any way of knowing your annual waiver status if it's not noted on your pre-printed start card; having the volunteers look up your waiver status on a master list would slow down the check-in process for everyone else, and the point of all this is to expedite meet check-in).

  • We must have the completed form in hand before the upcoming meet's pre-registration deadline in order for your annual waiver status to be in effect and noted on your pre-printed start card at the next meet.

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