SportIdent E-Punch Finger Stick Vendors in the US:

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There are several types of e-punch finger sticks, with different features:

Type: SI-5 SI-6 SI-8 SI-9
Approx. Price: $38 $69 $38 $55
Punch Capacity: 30 64 30 50
Notes: Phased out of production at the end of 2008. High punching speed -- three times as fast as the SI-5. Faster than the SI-5 and SI-6. This is what RMOC purchased as rental sticks. "The new standard. It is faster and better than all previous SportIdent cards." Extra punch capacity for ROGAINEs and other long events.

[Detailed Comparison Chart]

[Discussion about Different Types of SI Cards on AttackPoint]


  • References to one card being "faster" than another are in terms of milliseconds -- something most people won't notice. For most people, the more important feature to consider is the punch capacity if you do ROGAINEs, adventure races, and other long events.

  • RMOC's rental units are blue; if you buy your own, please buy any color other than blue.

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