With A HUGE THANK YOU to Gøril Jones for doing all the setup work, we are now ready to start collecting a second batch of orders for RMOC jerseys, jackets & pants. The ordering deadline is 11:59 pm on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

* Design: The jerseys have an updated design, but with the same blue, green, and black colors that coordinate with our older jerseys. See images below.

* Vendor: The vendor is Champion System, since they allow us to mix-and-match a variety of styles without minimum order requirements (v-neck, crew neck, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc.).

* Delivery: To save on shipping charges, we'll be placing a group order on at the end of August; the jerseys will be distributed at upcoming meets when they arrive 4-6 weeks later.

* Options:

- Fabric: Most of the shirts come in the same style/cut with two fabric options -- the Apex fabric is lighter and more expensive; the Performance fabric is a tiny bit heavier (but still a wicking fabric), less expensive, and probably less susceptible to snags.

- Size Chart: The men's and women's shirts seem true-to-size. [Size Chart]

- Styles: You can order the RMOC design on ANY Champion System item, even though our store only shows mock-ups for selected styles. You can view details about all the styles in the CS catalog at http://champ-sys.com/custom-apparel-catalogue/run-collection

* Ordering Instructions:

  1. Go to http://custom2.champ-sys.com/teamstore/?RockyMountainOrienteeringClub2.
  2. Hover over each box and click the magnifying glass to see proofs of RMOC's design on various styles of shirts & pants. Make a mental note of the style names you like (e.g. "Men's Run Top V-Neck", "Women's Run Singlet", etc.).
  3. When you're ready to order, hover over the box again and click "Click to Order".
  4. You will then see ALL of the style options that are available with RMOC's design, in that particular category; select the ones you're interested in, add size & quantity, click Add to Cart, and then continue shopping or check out.
    • Shipping -- If you choose group order, there will be no shipping charge and the merchandise will be sent to Goril for distribution at upcoming meets. If you choose individual order, you will be charged $30 and the merchandise will be sent directly to you.
    • Payment -- To avoid hassles, we suggest using a credit card for your payment rather than PayPal.
  5. Production will start after the ordering period ends on August 31st. All items will be shipped 4-6 weeks later.
  6. Custom orders are final -- no refunds or exchanges.


Jersey design close-up.

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