Details about the benefits of Orienteering USA membership.

Orienteering USA Membership Details

Cost of OUSA membership:

  • $35 per Individual
  • $40 per Family
  • $15 per Student (21 and under)
  • $5 per Junior (18 and under)

Benefits of OUSA membership for orienteers:

  • One-year subscription to "Orienteering North America" magazine
  • Discounted entry fees at A-meets
  • US championship eligibility
  • Rankings
  • Coaching certification
  • Showing support for orienteering

Benefits of OUSA for local orienteering clubs:

  • Insurance
  • A-meet support (sanctioning, consulting, etc.)
  • Sponsorship (e.g. Silva at the US Championships)
  • Map loans / grants
  • Scout and school support
  • Promotion of orienteering
  • National website
  • Consistency between clubs

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