Read about RMOC members who completed the Hardrock 100 Ultra Run and the Primal Quest Adventure Race.

Hardrock 100 Ultra Run: Jason Poole

RMOC member Jason Poole recently completed the Hardrock 100 Ultra Run in Silverton, Colorado. 131 runners started the race; only 81 finished. Jason was 16th overall, with a time of 35:46:27.

Hardrock is considered to be the toughest 100-mile race. The course starts in Silverton, goes to Ophir, Telluride, Ouray, Lake City, and then back to Silverton. There's 33,000' of climbing, an average elevation of 11,186', and 12 mountain passes over 12,000' -- that includes going over the top of Handies Peak at 14,048'. You are either going up or down almost the entire way.

You may be familiar with the other big ultra in CO: the Leadville 100. Leadville doesn't even come close to the Hardrock race. Leadville has a course record of around 15:48, with a cut-off of 30 hours. At Hardrock, fewer than 10 people have ever broken 30 hours (in 14 races), and the cut-off is 48 hours.

Congratulations, Jason!

— Submitted by Adam Feerst

Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race: Mike Kloser, Danelle Ballengee, and Dave Mackey

RMOC member Mike Kloser was a member of first-place Team Nike PowerBlast at the recent Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race, considered to be the most arduous endurance competition in the world. The race was held in Utah, June 25 - July 4, 2006. Mike's Nike PowerBlast teammates included Ian Adamson, Michael Tobin, and Monique Merrill.

Winning for the fourth consecutive year, Mike Kloser and Team Nike PowerBlast surpassed 88 other teams to take home a $100,000 cash prize. Kloser's team reported approximately 13 hours of sleep over six days.

This year's race traversed nearly 500 miles through the desert, canyons, rivers and mountains of southern Utah. Quoted in the Summit Daily News, Kloser said it was the toughest expedition course he had ever faced. Specifically, the race included:

  • a 29-mile horseback ride / foot section;
  • a 21-mile desert trek;
  • a 65-mile mountain bike;
  • an 8-mile hike and whitewater swim in the rapids of Green River;
  • a 35-mile river kayak;
  • a 26-mile canyoneering leg;
  • a 45-mile river kayak;
  • a 29-mile canyoneering section;
  • a 68-mile mountain bike;
  • a 38-mile mountain trek and 8-mile orienteering section;
  • a 41-mile mountain bike;
  • a 14-mile trek;
  • six miles of rope work -- ascending, descending and traversing; and
  • a 2-mile flatwater paddle.

RMOC members Danelle Ballengee and Dave Mackey finished the Primal Quest race in ninth place, as part of Team Spyder. Danelle served as Team Captain.

Congratulations, Mike, Danelle and Dave!

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